4th Height Jumping Cup Heats 2015 – Results

Wallingford, Saturday 18th April 2015

What a great time we had at the Wallingford heat.  The very first, ever, heat of the Cup. It was great to see so many dogs enjoying jumping 550mm, with many breeds and grades represented. There was a very happy atmosphere, although the competition was fierce – and there were some truly awesome performances. Thank you to Judge Hilary Bowden for setting a challenging but enjoyable course. Congratulations to the qualifiers Sarah Young, David Elliott, Jenny Kimber, Lee Windeatt, Jill Lowe and Janice Short.

Wallingfordqualifierspic Wallingfordresults

Woodside, Sunday 3rd May 2015

Congratulations to the qualifiers at the Woodside heat of the Cup, Ian Douglas, Peter Elms, Donna Kerse, Jo Fowler and Nigel Staines (with two dogs!). Great to see so many first class pairs enjoying running at this height. Thank you to Judge Sarah Farquar for setting the course and to Woodside for hosting.

Woodsidewinner Woodsidejudgewinners Woodside qualifiers

Dog Vegas, Sunday 3rd May 2015

Results are in from the heat at Dog Vegas! Congratulations to the qualifiers Lorraine Walchester, Alison O’Connell, Jackie Wilkes, John Orriss, Michele Philips and Scott Walker (Scott was 6th, there was a mistake on the score sheet originally). Thank you to Judge Liz Hutchinson for setting a great course (and standing out in the good old English weather) and to Dog Vegas for hosting the heat. Here are some photos of some of the 99 damp competitors, sent in by Jo Harker.

DogVegas1 DogVegas2 DogVegascoursesetting DogVegascoursewalking DogVegasqualifiers

Hare n Hounds, Sunday 17th May 2015

Congratulations to the qualifiers from the Hare n Hounds heat of the Cup, judged by Doc Docherty. The qualifiers are Christine Brown (with 2 dogs), Claire Todd (with 2 dogs), Mandy Bainbridge and Helen Baldwin. Well done all of you. Thanks Doc for a great course and of course Hare n Hounds for hosting the heat.

HarenHounds2 HarenHounds3 HarenHounds1

Godmanchester, Sunday 7th June 2015

Thank you to Kate Dexter for setting a fantastic course for the heat of the Cup at Godmanchester DTC show. Congratulations to the qualifiers Shelly Christmas, Gary Murphy (with 3 dogs!), Sue Street and Adam Street, who came out on top of an entry of 124 dogs. Gary will be fulfilling a judging appointment on the day of the final, so Angie Pelling, Jo Richardson and Samantha Plaisted have been invited to take his places.

godmanchesterqualified       Godmanchesterresults

Oswestry, Sunday 14th June 2015

Congratulations to the qualifiers in the heat of the Cup at Oswestry show today: Sue Stock (1st and 3rd), Angela Bendall, Lynn Cotton, Michelle Sturge and Yvonne Goode.   This was the last of the heats and we are looking forward to a cracking Grand Final at DogFest 2015.

Oswestry1 Oswestry2 Oswestry3 Oswestry4 OswestryTopTenqualifiers



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