ALC and Regional meetings Agenda January 2015

The Agility Liaison Council is the ONLY route for grass roots competitors to engage with the Kennel Club on changes to KC Agility shows, equipment, rules and regulations. The Council meets twice a year.

The next ALC meeting is on January 22nd 2015. Each Region has meetings arranged BEFORE that date so that you can have your say.

The dates for the ALC regional meeting can be found here

Here is a summary of the things being discussed and proposed – don’t think that these won’t affect you – because they will!!

Items from the Kennel Club 

  • Recognition of Agility as a sport

  • Use of slatted surfaces

It is accepted that there was no specific data available regarding injuries caused by slats but wished to request that the Council consider the feasibility of asking equipment suppliers to manufacture equipment using rounded-off slats as it was of the view that if the slats were less prominent there would be less potential for injuries to occur.

  • Warm up and Preparation before competition

The Health & Welfare Sub-Group requests the Council to consider whether shows should be required to provide a warm-up jump in the interests of the health and welfare of dogs.

  • Kennel Club Code of Practice for Owners and Handlers with Dogs Taking Part in Canine Activities

The Health & Welfare Sub-Group asks the Council to note the above document which has been approved by the General Committee.

Proposals for Rule Changes :

  • Proposal for the introduction of a Fourth Height

For ‘Intermediate’ dogs measuring over 430mm and 510mm or under at the withers, and the introduction of a fourth hurdle height at 550mm

  • Proposed amendment to Height of Dog Walk in Special Classes

Where special classes are classified for older and/or inexperienced dogs, the height of the dog walk may be reduced.

  • Proposed amendment to Weaving Poles

The minimum number of poles should be 12.

  • Proposed Amendment of Judging by scheduled judge’s spouse, immediate family or resident at the same address

This rule should only apply to Championship Classes and Kennel Club sponsored qualifiers. This shall not apply to a judge appointed in an emergency.

Items for Discussion

(these may or may not become Proposals at a later date, depending on responses, amount of support, etc)

  • Restricting Numbers in Championship Agility Classes

A suggestion for discussion that Agility adopts a similar procedure to the system that works well in Obedience Championship classes, i.e. a merit points system where handlers keep their own merit scores on a rolling yearly basis. Where the entry for Championship Agility exceeds 170, it will be reduced to 170 by a ballot, based on a system of merit, and conducted by the society/show processor. Entries in excess of 170 shall be drawn in merit order as reserves.

  •  Display of Identification details in vehicles

A suggestion that agility competitors display some form of identification in their vehicle whilst competing at a Kennel Club Agility Show, such as by the display of their Competitor Number on the dashboard/windscreen of their vehicle.

  • Allowing Bitches in season at agility competitions run under Kennel Club special licences.

Events requiring dogs and handlers to qualify during the year and/or collect points over multiple events such as Olympia Semi-finals, Olympia finals, Crufts events and other major finals under the approval of the Kennel Club. (Office Note: Crufts is a licenced agility show and is not run as a special event.)

To consider the following :

  • Use and colour of the tyre

  • Is the Tyre currently a safe obstacle

    • Why is its use being reduced and usually at Starts or Finishes of a course
    • What are the merits of a Breakaway Tyre and should this be considered, taking the experience of those who have competed overseas
  • Colour impact on Agility Obstacles, especially the Tyre

  • Declining entries in Grades 1 & 2

Setting a maximum time limit of 30 days before the show would allow people more opportunity to enter the shows as they are more likely to be aware of work and other family commitments within the time frame suggested.

  • Judging Up Contacts

A request to discuss the variability of judging the up contact, on the A Ramp, See-Saw and Dog Walk. It is suggested that the dog would need to traverse over but not necessarily make contact with the up contact and that this would not be faulted. However to ensure that safety is not compromised a dog which alights from the side would incur faults.

  • Collapsible Tunnel

There have been a number of incidents over the last year where dogs exiting the collapsible tunnel have got caught up in the cloth at the exit and have come out on their side or back.

A request to discuss changes to the construction and dimensions of the tunnel

  • Ratio of jump height to dog height for small dogs

A request to consider the ratio of jump height to dog height for the smallest dogs.

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